Magic DVD to PSP MP4 Video Rip Convert Studio

Magic DVD to PSP MP4 Video Rip Convert Studio 8.0

A complete conversion tool to encode your DVDs into a PSP-compatible format (See all)
Magic Video Software

Magic DVD to PSP/MP4 Video Rip/Convert Studio converts all your DVDs into AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, or WMV video files, and also into a PSP-compatible media format. This complete application offers a wide range of possibilities and settings, outputting your videos not only for PSP players, but also for iPod, MobileMovie (for Sony mobile phones), PC (QuickTime), and more.

Getting your movie converted into MP4 for your PSP, or into a simple AVI file, takes only a few clicks, if you are not too demanding with the level of quality of the final product. If you want more, or if you want to create a VCD or SVCD, then you will have to browse along the wide range of possibilities offered by the different settings dialogues. Some are reserved for those who really know about video encoding, allowing you to go into a deeper level of customization, while some others are fairly basic and surely would deserve a more prominent location in the main interface.

The program is clearly oriented to PSP users, who do not need to visit the settings dialogue unless they decide to choose a different profile for higher quality results (most of the output settings are intended for expert users). This tool offers much more though, but non-PSP users who wish to make a VCD or a SVCD disc, or encode their videos for their iPod or QuickTime player need to discover that for themselves.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wide variety of choices when customizing your settings


  • The interface is not too well structured, making some format options difficult to find (VCD, SVCD)
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